Normandy to be unveiled at the MWC 2014?



Here is an interesting fact from the well-known Evleaks. They have once again revealed pictures of the Forked Android version of Normandy but this time they have revealed something more interesting!

If you could see closely, the date mentioned on the image is 25th Tuesday. We only have three 25th ‘s which falls on Tuesday and those are for the months February, March and November. If you observe more closely, 25th of Feb is the second day of the MWC 2014!

So, is Normandy ready for the big event at the MWC 2014 on 25th Feb 10:45 am? Let us know your views on the comments below.

Apart from this, we also have more interesting things like Plants vs Zombies 2 and BBM however we are still not sure if that’s a part of Android or MS-Nokia. Evleaks has got us two separate images of the Forked Android UI by which this is displayed.


We are yet to get solid details on the launch date however I believe that this is the right time for Nokia to dash into the mobile market and try to get back to square one like how they were before 2007!

Get your thought on the comments below.