Quiet Hours – Automate Switching Silent Mode On/Off


Whilst surfing the Windows Phone Store last night I found a very interesting app which I have been begging developers for since Nokia released their first Windows Phone (Nokia Lumia 800), namely Quiet Hours, developed by Amaze Pictures Inc. assumedly based in Azerbaijan based on another one of their apps (Azerbaijan Radio). This is not my first experience with this developer as they already develop the best application updater app in the Windows Phone Store in the form of Sys App Pusher.

The reason I have been pleading for an app like Quiet Hours is that in the good old days of Symbian we were blessed with apps like Nokia Situations app that ended up having to go it alone during the Nokia restructurings under Stephen Elop, but provided powerful automation of phone features based on time, date and location. I have been told by developers for a long time that it was not possible to switch silent mode on and off automatically, but now we can.


The free Windows Phone Store downloadable version of Quiet Hours supports manual toggling of Silent Mode and volume level via a Start Screen tile, but spending a measly 79 pence via an in app purchase provides background automated switching on/off of Silent Mode and volume level based on a user defined set start and end time.

The time period for Silent Mode must be set for either Manual or Scheduled/automated control of Silent Mode as toggling Silent Mode on/off checks the start and end times set in the app and toggles based on if the current time is between the scheduled ‘from’ and ‘to’ times set within the Quiet Hours app. Once using the paid version of Quiet Hours the developer makes the point that the Windows Phone OS restricts background tasks to being run every 30 minute, so the scheduler is not able to set the sound volume at the exact point in time set in the app, but this will be completed within 30 minutes of the set time.


After some testing I confirm that the app works on both Nokia Lumia 820 and 920 with the Nokia Amber update. For me this is a must have app with tiny 79 pence in app purchase of the scheduling capability a no brainer.

Feature Requests

I have already made contact with the developer to ask for multi-schedule capability and the addition of day of the week or work day versus weekend day to the scheduling functionality.

My final enhancement request is for the ability to change volume separately to Silent Mode in-case you need to schedule your phone becoming quieter rather than silent for a period. What functionality would you like him to add in future versions?