Euronews App Lands on Windows Phone 8



Euronews, a European based News Television stations has released an app for Windows Phone 8, which you can download from the Windows Phone Store by clicking HERE.

Euronews has had an app available for both iOS and Android for some time, and what with Windows Phone’s growing status in Europe (and the rest of the world), have joined the likes of BBC, Sky and Channel 4 in accommodating Microsoft’s mobile platform.

The app description is as follows:

The Euronews app offers:
• International, economic, cultural and scientific news videos
• Documentaries and Magazines on VOD

Over the coming months the app will be developed to offer new programs and features, including live streaming of Euronews TV, news quiz, bookmarks for your favourite stories and a search engine.

Euronews, the most watched news channel in Europe, covers international news in 13 languages. With 400 journalists from more than 30 nationalities, Euronews offers a unique, independent and totally impartial perspective on world events

The euronews app is available in the following languages:

• English
• French
• German
• Greek
• Hungarian
• Italian
• Portuguese
• Russian
• Spanish
• Turkish
• Ukrainian
And soon to come:
• Arabic
• Persian

The app proudly boasts of it’s status as “Europe’s most watched News Channel” and while this may be true, it isn’t a channel I have ever viewed, (it isn’t available on my TV provider for one thing) and this app won’t change that yet as it doesn’t have live streaming, unlike the Sky News app on Windows Phone, however this looks like a feature which will be coming soon, according to the description at least.