Pluralsight’s New Tutorial: Windows Phone Testing and Error Management



For those of you interested in developing Windows Phone apps, PluralSight has some invaluable courses to help you along the way. Back in November we brought you news of Lars Klint’s “Windows Phone Apps that Stand Out” tutorial. Well Lars has a new tutorial out, titled Windows Phone Testing and Error Management which offers you guidance on how to “Build a better quality, more robust, more profitable and ultimately more successful Windows Phone app when taking an approach that includes relevant and extensive testing.”

Here is Lars on the new tutorial:

Build Quality Windows Phone Apps with Latest Pluralsight Course by Aussie Developer

In between travelling to Sweden to participate in an exclusive Hackathon hosted by Nokia, co-organising the popular DDD Melbourne conference, and of course designing innovative custom software solutions for the clients of Kiandra IT, Lars has also been developing courses for Pluralsight.

Pluralsight is an extremely popular online training site for the dev community. From Australia to America, Pluralsight training videos have helped developers around the world create amazing software. Lars’ second course Windows Phone Testing and Error Management is now live. It will give Windows Phone developers a great leg up in creating successful apps that are reliable, robust and profitable.

The course will give insights into how you can test your app during development, and also how you can continue to improve it after it is released into the wild. Topics include test libraries, preparing test data, unit testing, performance testing and much more.

The course will show students how to use some of the best features of the Windows Phone platform to make their apps get noticed. Lars’ first Pluralsight course Building Windows Phone Apps that Stand Out is also available now for all subscribers. You can follow Lars on Twitter or check out his page.

PluralSight have a whole host of IT and Dev tutorials which you can access on demand from their website and Windows Phone app. You can access their whole library of over 1,000 courses, which include 12 other Windows Phone specific tutorials with a range of monthly subscriptions, and can also start with a free trail.

Lars also has his own blog,