Nokia Wins Ruling, HTC One Mini Banned In U.K.



According to a report from Bloomberg , Nokia has won its injunction against HTC regarding the patent for “Modulator structure for a transmitter and a mobile station.” which HTC will have up to Dec 6th to appeal the injunction. HTC  will not be able to sell its  HTC One Mini  in the U.K. after the Dec 6th deadline.

Nokia won the previous battle when the judge decided that HTC was infringing on a European Patent held by Nokia entitled “Modulator structure for a transmitter and a mobile station”.  At that time Nokia said they will seek an injunction against the import and sale of infringing HTC products in the UK as well as financial compensation. In a statement  given to Foss Patents the company said:

“Nokia is pleased that the UK High Court has imposed an injunction on certain HTC products found in October to infringe a Nokia patent. The injunction is stayed until December 6 to allow HTC time to appeal. Pending the appeal, HTC has undertaken not to ship any more of the infringing products into the UK, except the HTC One which it may continue to sell until the conclusion of any appeal. If HTC does not succeed on appeal, the injunction will take effect on all infringing products. Nokia is also claiming financial compensation for the infringement of this patent.”

This will be a major blow to HTC who is struggling to begin with if they can’t win an Appeal then HTC ONE & other products will face the ban also.

Source : Bloomberg