Buy A Nokia Lumia 1020,1520, or 925 & Get a Nokia Lumia 520 Free.


Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 8.39.13 PM

Microsoft Store is having a 1 day sale today, If you buy any of the following Nokia Lumia devices  1020, 925, or 1520 for AT&T they will give you a free Nokia Lumia 520. This is a 1 day sale or while supplies last so you better move quick if you want it. I do like the fact that the Microsoft store hasn’t picked up that it says this offer is valid Dec. 2nd 2012 but we know they mean Today so there forgiven.

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 8.39.39 PMThe Lumia 1520 is a pretty good deal because of the added extras, $50 app card, Free halo spartan assault & of course the Lumia 520.  AT&T is offering the Lumia 1520 & the Lumia 1020 $100 cheaper with free overnight delivery so essentially you are paying for the Nokia Lumia 520 at the Microsoft store. To be perfectly honest you can buy the Lumia 520 at Radio shack for $79.99 for a bundle pack which comes with a 8gb card and a extra back cover or $69.99 without the bundle pack. I personally would go the AT&T & Radio Shack route but if you want the 1 stop shopping Microsoft store is the way to go.

Whatever you choose they both are pretty good deals over all.

Source: Microsoft