Lumia 1320 Promo Video – Big is Beautiful



Nokia have uploaded a promo video to their YouTube channel, featuring the Lumia 1320, titled “Nokia Lumia 1320 – Big and beautiful”. The 48 second clip, which you can watch below features Nokia’s budget friendly 6 inch “phablet” (as opposed to the 1520) which is yet to get a release date, though rumours are it will be in January 2014 for an unsubsidized price of around $329.

I for one am actually quite looking forward to seeing the 1320. I am currently using the 625 as my main device and really like the design, and the 1320 is very similar in appearance to the 625. Also, 720p, even on a 6 inch display is still pretty crisp. I remember 32 inch T.V’s with 720p displays being considered super high res. The 625 has a dots per inch count of 198, and I can actually say I have no problem with this at all. The 1320 has a DPI of 244, similar to the N8, which I could rarely see the pixels, even when holding it up close to my eye (which few people actually do when using a device naturally).

Another thing which for me makes the 1320 more desirable than the 1520 is the fact it uses a micro sim rather than a Nano sim. I suppose if you are just using one device all the time this doesn’t make any difference, but I do like to switch around phones every so often.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the video, as said before, it can be found on Nokia’s YouTube channel.

You can also check out hands on with the Nokia Lumia 1320 from Nokia World In Abu Dhabi.