Missing link – Normandy revealed!


Nokia is bridging the gap between Nokia Lumia and Asha devices. Earlier, the pro leaker evleaks had mentioned that Normandy would be the missing link

missing link

And today we have got images of Normandy which was said to be the missing link.

normandy 2

This device appears very similar to the Nokia Lumia 520 but this runs on the latest symbian (Asha) OS. This device is also expected to be the flagship model for Asha devices and said to have the same spec as that of 520. The only difference would be its Operating System (OS). The pricing for this device is expected to be priced below $100 however, nothing is certain including the availability of this device.

I hope, the future top end Nokia Asha phones will feature the same spec as that of future Low end Nokia Lumia devices.

To sum up, Top end Nokia Asha = Low end Nokia Lumia. This might be the bridge between Nokia Asha and Nokia Lumia devices!