Updates on Black update!


Nokia has talked about its imminent Black firmware Update. Though there are no words on the release date for the Black Update, Nokia has confirmed that they would be adding Bluetooth 4.0 LE (Low Energy) to their remaining WP8 devices through this update. Previously we heard directly heard from Nokia about its Black update in Nokia World event at Abu Dhabi.

Nokia confirms that 520, 620, 625 and 720 with Amber update, will have Bluetooth 4.0 LE and this will hit the remaining top end Lumia devices with the Black update. This BT 4.0 LE consumes very low power and provides wider range of nexuses like the Nokia Smart watch, heart rate monitors and so on.



Apart from the BT 4.0 LE feature, this black update is said to update the existing Glance Screen on the high-end, Amber running devices. Glance Screen is a utility that puts on view individual notifications on the lock screen apart from the date, time and Calendar updates. After the black update, the glance screen will allow users to add background images to the Glance screen.

The new version of glance screen on the Nokia Black build, will allow users to add/remove notifications that we get on the regular lock screen. For example, you may have an E-mail notification on the Lock screen, the same would be displayed on the glance screen as well.

So far, we only have two things that will get updated after the Black firmware update. There might also be few stability fixes but I reckon the above two are the major revises on this update.

Stay alert for this Black Update!