Gartner Release Q3 2013 Figures, Windows Phone “Wins this quarter”.



Gartner have released their report for Quarter 3 2013, which shows a 123% year over year increase for Windows Phone.

Gartner specialise in compiling data on the number of devices sold to “End Users” rather than what has been shipped out to stores, and perhaps gives a more accurate view of what devices people are using. Earlier this week we saw IDC release their figures for the last quarter, and while their shipment numbers were naturally slightly higher than these, both had Windows Phone at 3.6% Worldwide market share.

Regarding Windows Phone their report reads as follows:

“… However, the winner of this quarter is Microsoft which grew 123 percent. Microsoft announced the intent to acquire Nokia’s devices and services business, which we believe will unify effort and help drive appeal of Windows ecosystem,” said Mr. Gupta.”

Anyone looking at the table at the top of this post will see Windows Phone is quoted as having selling just over 8.9 million devices in quarter 3 2013, and as we know Nokia sold (not shipped) 8.8 million of those, meaning Nokia’s actual share of Windows Phone sales could be as high as 98.7%

Gartner go on to reveal that Nokia has climbed a place in the top 10 Smartphone manufacturers, as well as the fact they did better than expected.:

Nokia: Nokia did better than anticipated in the third quarter of 2013, reaching 63 million mobile phones, thanks to sales of both Lumia and Asha series devices. Increased smartphone sales supported by an expanded Lumia portfolio, helped Nokia move up to the No. 8 spot in the global smartphone market. But regional and Chinese Android device manufacturers continued to beat market demand, taking larger share and creating a tough competitive environment for Lumia devices.

Gartner made a list of the top 10 Mobile Phone manufacturers, including regular, feature and Smartphones, and Nokia place number 2, similar to what we reported on at the beginning of the month. Their table can be viewed below.


Source Gartner