Chicago and Milwaulkee from Above, Captured on Lumia 925



Some amazing video and photographs have been captured on the Lumia 925 by Mike Maddaloni, author of the business and technology blog The Hot Iron.

Mike, a former Symbian user who now has an iPhone got a two week trial of a Lumia 925 from Nokia Connects. He writes in his blog thata pilot friend of his flew him to the skies above Chicago, which gave him a great opportunity to put the Lumia 925 and its wonderful camera to the test, the results of which can be seen in the video playlist and photo gallery below.

These videos can be seen on Mike’s YouTube channel.

These great pictures can be seen on Mike’s Flickr stream.

Mike say’s the flight Departed “from the airport in Aurora, Illinois, which is west of Chicago,” from there it “flew east over Chicago then headed north to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and then back south to Chicago and west back to Aurora.”

It sounds like Mike didn’t have a lot of chance to use the Lumia 925, but we are grateful that he shared the great pictures with us via his blog, which you can read HERE. Also, I hope to hear that he becomes a Lumia convert soon.