1520 for sale on eBay before the launch!


Nokia 1520 will be released on 22nd November for the AT&T users however, you could grab one even before 22nd November. A pre-production unit is now up for sale on eBay for $575. The description states that production unit is an unlocked version of 1520 and seems to work fine on the ATT’s network.




It is also mentioned that it is a 32 GB version however; the title and description states that it’s a 16 GB device. Not sure about the exact storage. As per the description, this is a pre-production device for ATT network and available on Black. It also states that, this is a “Final design hardware and Software”

Nokia and AT&T will release the device on 22nd November and pre-order has already started for this device. Click here to know more about the price under contract.

For people who wants to get their hands on 1520 even before the launch, here is a good gamble. Time is running out, who is going to check out this item?