Lumia 1520 price revealed for AT&T


This is for all those who were waiting for the Nokia Lumia 1520, the bandit now has the date for its availability for AT&T.

Previously, the AT&T had their pre-orders available on their site but the price and availability was not announced then.

Now you can grab the Nokia Lumia 1520 at $199 on a 2 year contract and $549 off-Contract. This device will be available on 15th of November available for orders and also for those who have already pre-ordered.

The AT&T’s 1520 will not have a built in Qi-Wireless charging and it has 16 GB of internal storage which is a thumbs down for many however, the Wireless charging and less internal storage might have reduced the pricing for the device. For those who want the wireless charging, can buy the charging panel separately but it is not in-built unlike the international version.



Source: WPCentral