Lumia 1520 and Protective Case Get Possible AT&T Release Dates



Nokia’s Lumia 1520, which has a 6 inch 1080p display has been given a possible launch date on AT&T along with the protective case (CP-623) which initially looked to be November 15th for pre orders of both, and a price of $199 on contract and $549 off contract.

It turns out Microsoft’s online store erroneously posted the dates and prices on their site earlier today only to pull it a short time later. WPCentral did manage to get the screen shots below, before they were taken down.



As we can see from the CP-623, when it does get released for pre order it will likely cost $39.99 WPCentral also go on to say that Microsoft had to delay the 1520 on AT&T until November 22nd. Well we have our own sources here at NokiaInnovation, and they are saying we may hear something officially as early as tomorrow.

On a side note, if you have been reading some of our posts regarding the 1520 being launched in other markets, and wondered why those prices were over $700 compared to AT&T’s price of $549, this is because AT&T’s version of the 1520 comes with a few sacrifices, such as no built in wireless charging.

Source WPCentral (and again)