Nokia Sell 64.6M Mobile Devices, Market Share “Stabilizing”



Following our recent post on Nokia’s improving Smartphone sales and market share, today we bring you more news of their Quarter 3 2013 performance, this time looking at over all Mobile phone sales, which according to is showing signs of Stabilizing, despite a decrease of 18.9 million units compared to the same quarter last year. Nokia’s Global Market Share has dropped from 21.2% in Quarter 3 2012 to 15.5%. However Nokia’s mobile phone sales have increased from Q2 2013 which saw 61.1 million handsets sold, going up by 3.5 million to 64.6 million devices.

According to

“Nokia shipped a slightly better-than-expected 64.6 million mobile phones worldwide in Q3 2013. Nokia’s 15 percent global mobile phone marketshare is showing signs of stabilizing sequentially as demand for the Microsoft Lumia smartphone range is improving.”

Nokia still has a healthy lead over 3rd place Apple (who to be fair only sell high end smartphones) and 4th place LG whose combined mobile device sales in the last quarter are still less than Nokia’s. Samsung have to be noted for their continued dominance of the mobile world, capturing a record 28.7% of Global sales.

Source StrategyAnalyticsv