Our Jimmy is famous! (kinda)




We all know that the Nokia Lumia 1020 is an awesome phone with some amazing photographic capabilities. But what is even more amazing than that? Jimmy Lee.


The writing's on the wall ;^)
The writing’s on the wall ;^)


Yes, Nokia Innovation’s very own Jimmy, or @jjklee to those in the Twittersphere, has been represented in a poster ad by AT&T in Philadelphia! Cool, or what?! The poster was spotted and snapped in one of Philly’s Septa stations. Jimmy tweeted back to AT&T thanking them for featuring him and Nokia Innovation in their ad.


Close up of the phone and Jimmy's NI post shown on the screen
Close up of the phone and Jimmy’s NI post shown on the screen


Maybe now Jimmy can buy us all a drink with his newfound fame and fortune!

Congrats, mate!  :^)

PS: bit weird how the phone seems to be a black 925, and with an Androidy top status bar!! Oh well :^|

Jimmy's tweet
Jimmy’s tweet