Nokia Confirms Instagram App Coming to Windows Phone in Coming Weeks #NokiaWorld



Nokia World 2013 Coverage in Abu Dhabi.

Nokia finally announced the arrival of Official Instagram App to the Windows Phone Platform. Were talking about official app here and not the 3rd party we’ve been enjoying for quite sometime now.

Its no secret Nokia has been courting Instagram to come to the Windows Phone platform. Nokia even made an app called #2InstawithLove to show Instagram the amount of users who would love this app on the Windows Phone Platform.

The Vine app was also announced to be coming to the Windows Phone Platform in the weeks to come.

Other popular Apps and Games to be coming as well.. Click Here to see.

So what are you your thoughts on the new Instagram App? I personally like the Official Apps like Twitter and Facebook which would make me want this Official Instagram App.

But we can’t deny the 3rd Party apps which offers more features than the official app.

Is it too late for Instagram? I say not if you are trying to attract new Windows Phone users. When we recommend Nokia Windows Phones to potential users the discussion always ends with the amount of popular apps. It seems were headed to the right direction.

More Popular Apps = More users to come..