Nokia Lumia Sales To Hit Record High


listing-large According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, Nokia Lumia sales are expected to be the highest ever from last quarter. WSJ is reporting sales in excess of 8 million compared to 7.4 million from previous quarter & 2.9 million from last yrs #’s.

This is great news for Nokia if the numbers are true, they have steadily increased there Lumia sales as well as there Lumia Portfolio. Nokia will release there quarterly earnings later this month.

This report comes right on the heels of Nokia World taking place in Abu Dhabi , where they are expected to release a few more new items to add to the portfolio. You can see a rundown of what might be released here.

We will be in Abu Dhabi to report what’s being released as well as some pictures and hands on videos of the new devices.

Via: The Verge  Source: WSJ