Video: HERE Maps Has Super Powers



Nokia have uploaded a series of new videos to their YouTube Channel, each set against a backdrop of black and white colours, interupted by only the blue branding of Here Maps, and the occasional app being demonstrated on a Lumia 925. A James Bond style intro starts each video, followed by “Here Employee and superhero” Alax Osaki claiming that he has a “super power”.

The videos go on to explain how Here Maps gives you super powers by allowing you to navigate without an internet connection, access public transport time tables and explore what’s around you using LiveSite. We have embeded each video below:

Alex’s Superpower 1 – LiveSight

Alex’s Superpower 2 – MyCommute

Alex’s Superpower 3 – Transit

Interesting videos, one thing I did note is the lack of Nokia branding in the clips. The Lumia 925 is visable, but not for long and the camera crops out the Nokia logo each time the front of the device is displayed. Nokia’s logo does appear towards the end of the videos, but only in the top right corner. Are Here trying to distance themselves from being only available on Nokia phones? There is an app in iTunes for Here Maps, and it is available through most web browsers. Any ideas? Let us know in the comments section.