Video: Nokia Smartwatch, Named “Facet” Demo’d



A video has emerged showing Nokia’s Smartwatch in action, demonstrating the screens working in sync with each other. It has also been revealed that the Smartwatch, which is so far only a concept, is named Facet among Nokia’s developers.
You can watch the video at the top of the page.

The UI of the Facet Smartwatch uses Nokia’s Iconography as seen on Symbian, MeeGo Harmattan and more recently Asha devices. The watch uses six individual screens, which can be used for separate apps, or more screens can be used for one app.

The Smartwatch screens appear to be communicating with each other over Bluetooth, and could be using NFC, perhaps relating to a Tweet made by @evleaks, which suggested a iPod Shuffle type device using NFC was in the pipeline, but the Tweeter identified it as “Guru”.


Source Engadget, ACM Digital Library