External lenses for camera phones, setting a vogue in the market?


I was amazed when I first heard about external lenses for Nokia Lumia 920 and I recently got one, from amazon. The 12x Telescope Telephoto Lens with Tripod that I got from amazon had a fixed focus and it just had an option to fine tune the image however; I found that to be a good deal. Here are few snaps that I took using the external lens




The first image is the original image while the latter, is taken with the lens fixed.


Most recently, I heard about Sony’s QX10 and QX100 external lenses which offer a good quality pictures. The QX10 offers a 10x optical zoom and 18.2MP resolution while the QX100 offers a smaller 3.6x zoom but a bigger sensor with a resolution of 20.2MP. I was knocked for six!

Now, from familiar sources, I heard that BeastGrip, a company crafting lens adapter and rig system for camera phones, has come up with a universal clamp that would fit various devices, which means, Beast Grip will fit the camera beast Nokia 1020 too! This time I am excited and waiting to try this on 1020.

BeastGrip is a versatile tool for taking amazing pictures. The best part about this tool is that, we can also fix SLR’s lens onto the stand!





The rig consists of a sliding frame that will securely clamp your phone into position so its lens is lined up with the Beastgrip’s 37mm threaded lens mount. From there, it’s up to your gear bag, wallet and imagination.

This stand will also have support for external flash light unit, tripod and other accessories.

This is expected to be rolled out by early next year, according to the actualities! I can’t wait to try the 1020 and 1520 with the SLR lens fixed!

Hope Nokia starts making something like this which works on NFC, wouldn’t that be awesome?

Source: Petapixel