Nokia DX Developer Meet Up In London



Last week I recieved an invitation from Nokia Connects, very kindly inviting me to what they called a DX Meet Up, which was taking place on the 8th October at their offices in Paddington, London.

It was being held to give Windows Phone developers a chance to meet and show off their applications to bloggers. During the event I got to talk to 8 developers, who each demonstrated what their app offers, and answered questions on them.

I managed to hear from the following;
James Munday, who showed off Found Bite, an app currently in Beta which should be available in the Windows Phone store shortly. It involves photographs, which also records the sounds heard when the shot is taken. Look out for more on this app from Nokia Innovation.
Derek Lakin, who helped build Skype on Windows Phone 8, and is now involved in the production of Skype for the upcoming Xbox One console. Derek also showed of some of his own apps, like Medicine Manager, which we will cover here on Nokia Innovation soon.
Rich Holsworth, who created drawing app Didlr, a cross platform app which allows you do create a “didl” (kinda like a doodle) and share it on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. We will feature Didl in an upcoming post.
Richard Womack, Director of Sports Director gave a talk on his Football Director game, which has been hugely popular on other platforms, the Football Manager type game be available on Windows Phone 8 soon, and when it does, we’ll bring a feature on it here.

dx2From Left to right, Rich Holdsworth, Derek Lakin, Roger Womack and James Mundy.

Also at the meet up to discuss their apps and development were:
Crisi Taylor of D.A.M Good Media, who gave a very full explination of Pepper, a social network for fans of live music. As with all the apps mentioned in this post, we’ll take a closer look at Pepper soon.
Mike Hole was also present, giving us the story of how TaxiRoute GB came about. The app does a very good job (in most cases) of calculating what your taxi fare might be, when in the UK.
Lestyn Jones was there as well talking about his Dr Who Companion app which allows you to get ring tones as well as charactor biographies .
Last but not least, Hermit Dave” who crept away before I could get his photo gave us the ins and outs of his Cineworld app, which lets you find out local cinemar listings and book tickets.

dx1 From left to right, Lestyn Jones, Mike Hole and Crisi Taylor

There were other app developers there who unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to speak to, but hopefully will again some time soon.
I would like to say a big thank you to Nokia Connects for the invitation. If you ever get the chance to attend one of these DX Meet Ups, I would highly recommend attending it. I also got to meet other bloggers who I have seen a lot of through digital media but never met in person, this was a lot of fun.

As I said earlier, I will take a look at the various apps mantioned in this post over the next week or so, so look out for that. Each one has an appeal for one reason or another.