Dark Knight Rises?


Earlier Evleaks predicted 6 devices that Nokia is likely to launch in the Nokia event at Abu Dhabi!



Now there is one more added to the Nokia Devices. Nokia 1320! Is this a batman edition phone?

No, it’s the code name!

Lumia 1320


As usual Evleaks has teased Lumia 1320 on twitter taking no notice of the specifications. We are predicting this to be a smaller variant of Nokia Lumia 1520!

Corresponding to the leaks that Evleaks has presented, Nokia is planning on a large varieties of accessories and devices!

Evleaks has already unconcealed the Nokia event by letting out the devices that will be launched! While a new batman movie is planned next year which will feature both Batman and super man, it is still unclear about the release date of this phone. Now the question is, are there going to be 6 + 1 devices in the Nokia’s event on 22nd Oct at Abu Dhabi?