Got a Lumia 920 on AT&T? Amber Update Arriving In “Coming Weeks”



Those of you with a Lumia 920 on AT&T still waiting for the Amber update to arrive won’t have to wait much longer according to an AT&T representative on their Support Forum.

The post, by ATTDmitriyCM on the thread Where’s The GDR2 Update… Any Schedule? reads:

“Thank you for your inquiries about the latest Windows Phone update for the Nokia Lumia 820/920. We are nearing the final stages of testing and expect the GDR2/Amber update to be available in the coming weeks. We believe you will enjoy the experience of the new software update and appreciate your patience.”


Lumia 920 users on AT&T have every reason to be feeling a little impatient regarding the update, which started rolling out in the middle of August, and while that was only seven weeks ago, Nokia had indicated that all Lumia devices would get their version of GDR2 by the end of September. Mind you, those who remember what update schedules on Symbian were like probably won’t have too many concerns about a couple of weeks delay.

Source WPCentral and AT&T community forums