Instagraph updated on Windows Phone


Just over a week ago we received a quick e-mail from Venetasoft, the developer behind Turbo Camera and top Instagram app, Instagraph.

Following the initial release of Instagraph on Windows Phone and early version updates, the app migrated across platforms to Nokia’s S60v5 and Asha device range widening the reach of Instagraph to cover most current Nokia owners.

Now comes the long awaited return to the Windows Phone 7 and 8 versions of the app bringing updates to 1.6 and 2.6 respectively, bringing the following enhancements based on user feedback:

  • 45 new filters powered by Nokia Imaging SDK (WP8 only)

  • The new filters are enable on device live colour enhancements to captured image, alongside the original Instagram filter options which only show the effect on sample images. The image modification options are still Aviary based, which is a pity as it would be nice to have had these based on the Nokia SDK also as we believe it provides a slightly more polished look.

  • Lens support (WP8 only)
    • The Lens support is something we have been hoping for since the initial release of Instagraph on Windows Phone 8, providing another quick way to capture and share images to Instagram.

  • Facebook and Twitter sharing
    • Facebook and Twitter sharing is another welcome addition. Although there are many other apps, as well as the default OS in-built functionality, it is nice to see the sharing options increasing in Instagraph for those who do not want to have separate apps for different sharing methods.
  • Small UI restyle
    • The changes have not been obvious to us, but a tweak we would like to see would be brining Pictures Lab onto the soft button bar when an image is selected in the same way that Metrogram is on the soft button bar on the Instagraph main screen.
  • Fixes and improvements
    • Although we were not experiencing issues prior to this update it is always good to hear that bugs are being fixed and improvements are being made.

Let us know what you think of Instagraph and how you would expand on its current functionality.