Nokia to release 6 new Devices?



Nokia has taken the wind out of our sails, for Nokia is all set to release 6 new devices.

According to The Verge, Nokia is geared up to launch 6 new devices on 22nd October at Abu Dhabi. We can anticipate Nokia Lumia 1520 however it is very hard to foretell the other devices that Nokia is planning to launch! I personally predict Nokia Tablet (Codename Sirius) which was given the Integer 2520 lately, couple of Asha devices and Nokia 929 which was said to be restricted to Verizon but why would Nokia release Nokia 929 which is restricted to US, in the Middle East? I hope 929 has a sister model that would be deployed globally! I hope Nokia releases a next Gen NFC smart watch too, to trash the rivals.

Microsoft had released the second generation of Windows phone OS which is WP8 last October. This might be an anniversary event from MS and Nokia. Windows Phone 8 will be a year old this October 2013!

What’s Special?

Microsoft possibly will launch the “Bitter Sweet Shimmer” along with Nokia Lumia 1520 which packs lot more shades than the “Amber”. Bitter Sweet Shimmer is the next big update after Amber for the WP8 devices and this can also be expected on this event!

We can also expect Nokia to release its reconstructed camera application which has the features of both the Nokia Pro Cam and Nokia Smart Cam.

Before I finish, we can very well expect cool bunch of accessories from Nokia. I for myself can’t wait to see what Nokia have for us on 22nd Oct 2013.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Source: TheVerge