What is Nokia’s Project ‘N’ ?


Project 'N'



Nokia’s confidential information was let slip by Evleaks again! I wonder where they get such evidences from, however matter matters!

So what’s Nokia Cooking now?

We have got so many uncertainties here! Not sure if evleaks team is asking us about the project ‘N’ or teasing Nokia but I have my own interpretations about the Project ‘N’.  At this point, I would like to share my guesses on what Project ‘N’ might be!

  • Is Nokia “Mountain View” the Nokia’s Project N? But I thought it was just a project ‘B’.


  • Is Nokia working on ‘N’ Series powered by Windows Phone 8 smart Phones


  • Or is it Ngage gaming brought back to Nokia (I remember reading an article on GTA 5 Mobile version, which evidently requires a high end hardware and a good OS to make it run effortlessly)


  • There was also a rumor that Nokia was working on a Hybrid version of Android which included the featured of Symbian. Would that be the Project ‘N’?



  • Project ‘N’ – is it a name for Pureview given by MS? Or a new imaging technology that would make us spellbound? Mind you, Human eyes are equivalent to 576 MP; Nokia is just 535 Mega Pixels behind! Nokia would reach that very soon!


  • Is it an extra Terrestrial flagship Mobile device from Nokia similar to the Samsung’s Galaxy ‘S’ Series? Or just an alien device which might be totally out of world!?


  • Nokia’s Device running the latest Sailfish OS? Continuation of the N900? Probably N901?


So many on my mind but nothing perpetual! Any Guesses?