Nokia Rises “Plan B” ?



Nokia Rises,WP8 is no last chance for Nokia but this is the beginning of the rise of Nokia. For fear that Nokia failed to survive the market with WP8, which will not happen and for the android fans out here, a delightful news is in the making.

Here it is!

Nokia now has a backup plan and that is none other than the “Android”.

Nokia was reported working on Android phones and the Nokia-Android deal was liable to lapse, however Nokia won’t cancel that until November, confirms a Chinese Website, Ctechnology. This Chinese site has a good documentation of smart phone leaks in China.

Previously, we all heard that New York Times and The Verge reported that Nokia was working on Android Smart Phones codenamed “Mountain View” as their plan “B”, but now rumours are rising about Nokia being reluctant to stop working on Android devices until/if Nokia shareholders approve Microsoft deal at General Meeting in November 2013. The same site confirms that Nokia was working on device; based on Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 8225Q chip and tested by Nokia’s Beijing based R&D team. Furthermore, Foxconn has already manufactured and delivered a batch of more than 10,000 Prototype Mountain View units and they will continue to do till Nokia shareholders approve the MS deal.

If Nokia agrees to handshake with Google, that would be the end of Apple. Henceforth, if the new Lumia phones do not appeal to consumers during the long run, it is not the end of Nokia.

According to The Verge, Tim Cook has been squabbling about Nokia, saying that Nokia is dead for the reason that it didn’t innovate! Isn’t that witty? Nokia leads in innovation on almost all angles and now with the plan “B”, apple should be cautious.

We still need to wait for few months until we figure out Nokia’s actually plan which in turn depends on Shareholders.

Well, apart from this, we all know that Apple and Sony giving its best shot with the iPhone 5S and Sony Z1 respectively.

Will this take over the existing market share?
Source:Ctechnology, Verge