What Do Long Term Nokia Users Do Now?



As you all know by now Microsoft has bought out the handset division of Nokia and only divine intervention will stop this deal from moving forward.  There has been mixed signals coming from Microsoft on what exactly this means for the Nokia brand name on smartphones going forward however the other day it got a lot clear.  Microsoft put out an tweet (or an ad I can’t remember which) welcoming Nokia into the fold in the picture they showed a Nokia Lumia 520 stripped of it’s Nokia branding.  This a pretty clear signal that Nokia handsets will be officially dead in 103 days!  Now while that doesn’t mean a hill of beans to some to someone like myself who has used Nokia devices since 1997 it’s a HUGE deal.  The question for me and a lot of you is now what?

Let’s face it even though your Nokia will run like a champ for the next decade or so you are going to want to upgrade and since no device will be sporting a Nokia name tag for the first time in over two decades you don’t know where to go.  While I can’t tell you what to do (since I don’t know myself) I can layout the choices and we can help each other with this choice.

Choice 1:

Just simply keep buying Lumia devices:  Let’s face it most of the people that have been making and designing your devices for the longest time are still making and designing these devices.  If Microsoft does the smart thing and leaves their hands off of the handset part of the operation nothing should really change expect that lack of the Nokia nameplate.  Here is where you get to choose if you were buying Windows Phone devices because they were Nokia or because they were Windows Phone.

Choice 2:

Buy Jolla devices:  Jolla is where Nokia was headed since 2009 and the launch of the N900.  The N900 ran Maemo 5 OS which was the forerunner to the MeeGo OS running on the Nokia N9.  (in fact the version of MeeGo running on the N9 was MeeGo/Harmattan or Maemo 6)  However the Maemo/MeeGo train was derailed when former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop decided to go with Windows Phone for an OS instead of MeeGo.

This lead to all of the MeeGo workers to be fired and they started the company Jolla which is just about ready to unleash it’s own improved MeeGo OS on the world called Sailfish.  Sailfish will run on their own Jolla’s hardware only for right now.  This is choice would give you the truest Finnish Nokia experience on the software side but it would be lacking that Pure View technology that we have all gotten use to.   Also to be noted is that all Sailfish devices will run Android apps so you will not have that “app issue” that Lumia devices have.

Choice 3:

Go Android:  Let’s face if you loved Symbian,  Android is like (interface now) is like Symbian Donna plus.  You can folder apps up, it’s super customizable, there are themes, skins, launchers, it’s open source, etc, etc…  You would have your choice of hundreds of devices and dozens of manufactures.  However I can tell you from experience after using  Windows Phone for a while you would feel a little disconnected from your social life and you would miss the live tiles.

What I am I doing? Right now it’s a wait and see I have Lumia 1020 and that will serve me well for the foreseeable future it all depends on if Microsoft screws up the Lumia line, if Jolla devices turn out be Nokia’s grand vision incarnate, and if someone making and Android device can finally make a camera that is worth buying.

The real question is what are you thinking about doing?  Let us know in the comments or even simply feel free to send me a tweet directly.  I’d really love to hear everyone’s thought process on this new and wild world that is free of Nokia devices.