Guest Writer’s Opinion: Nokia and Symbian, If Only!



You may have read the post Window Phone 8 Bugs and What Could be Improved by Parasaran Kumar. Well he has written another post, looking at Symbian and how it compares to, and bests Android.

It makes a very interesting read from someone who clearly knows his Nokia phones. And while his opinions are extremely interesting, do not necessarily represent that of the whole Nokia Innovation team. Take it away Parasaran:

WP8 or Symbian?

Symbian, Nostalgic trip down the memory lane! People will fall about laughing if I say Symbian, the dying mobile Operating System is better than the Android. The fact is, Symbian is better than Android as an Operating System. I personally tested Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc and Nokia E7. To my surprise I found that the E7 with only a single core ARM 11 at 680 MHz was prompter while the Sony that packs a much faster 1.4 GHz Snapdragon was taking time to load certain applications. Booting was faster in E7 and multi-tasking on Nokia was mind-blowing.

What is so good about the Android?

Answer: Android has more eye-candy applications but it isn’t as fast as Nokia Belle when it comes to functionality and performance.


What is bad about the Nokia Belle?

Answer: Belle has a smaller amount of applications but it doesn’t lack the essential and well-known applications. It also lacks a good hardware configuration.

When Nokia released the 6600 phone way back in 2003, no other phone could overpower the 6600 until the release of the i-Phone which changed the epoch of the mobile world!

Now the question is

What is so special about the i-phones?

Answer: Touch response, huge collections of applications and its attractive User Interface (UI). Apple is user friendly to a convinced degree but not as easy as the Symbian.

When apple released the i-phone for the first time, people were charmed by its bar model without the keypad and its touch response. It marked the beginning of silky capacitive touch phones and that’s where the Nokia began to grow fainter. Apple was not the only company that was responsible for Nokia’s decline but Nokia itself was the main reason for its weakening. Apple was leading the race and Nokia was following. On 2006, the Symbian foundation came up with the Symbian UIQ which can be customised to user’s requirement and still it remains as one of the best OS though it lacks applications and those sugar coated UI however UIQ has the apps that even most of the phones do not have today. Nokia was getting ahead and instead of improving on the UIQ they ditched the UIQ for Symbian S60. Many of the talented design engineers of the UIQ migrated to Google since the company did not survive the market. Every awesome designs and innovations in UIQ 4 were implemented in Android. And today Nokia has made a big mistake by ditching the Symbian. Nokia might have a great opportunity with the windows phone 8 (WP8) but it is the Symbian which gave the Nokia its flamboyant outfit.

At this instant, my question is

What do people want?

People do not get phones based on their requirement if that wasn’t the case then basic models would have flooded the markets. People look for phones that have set a vogue in the market (Android and Apple). They require a million apps on their phone as if they use all of them and bar model without key pad which is the current trend. There are people who choose their phone based on their requirement and there are the ones who really do not utilise the full capacity of the phone. People who push their phones to or beyond limits are the ones who really know which phone is the finest and I have done this to all my phones including a Micromax phone (Indian made phone). All smart phones have apps, the problem is that people are so indoctrinated with android/iOS mass manipulation, they have no clue that Symbian has all the important apps, and works perfect with them. People didn’t know what a smart phone is until the release of Apple and Blackberry. It would have been wonderful if Apple and Blackberry were just fruits!

What I want?

Everyone must understand a basic difference between Hardware, Operating System (OS) and Performance. It is not that a phone with 1.2 GHZ dual-core or a quad-core will never freeze or a phone that has a 500 MHZ will always get stuck. If a phone executes well (booting speed, loading of apps and UI) even on a processor that has less than 800MHZ, that is called performance. It is the job of the Operating System to make them perform even on a low configured Hardware. Most of the android phones have good performance because of its hardware but none of the Androids will work as effective as Symbian on the outdated ARM processor with less than 800 MHZ.

WP8 is still a developing OS while Symbian was far ahead of WP8. Instead of Nokia starting all over again by implementing WP8, they could have worked on Symbian and reincarnated the OS! I am not imparting that Nokia will not succeed with WP8 but I don’t think they can be big enough like Apple or Google is today, and if they stick with Sailfish/Symbian plan they can be a leader like them. Nokia has put itself in an awkward position by negligence of care for their Operating Systems.

I heard many saying Nokia were running out of resources because of which they had to sell themselves to Microsoft. No! That’s just a fabricated fantasy! This was all decided way back in 2010! Stephen Elop the current CEO of Nokia was an Ex manager of business division at Microsoft! The burning platform was in fact put on fire and flamed to fragments! I wish Nokia brings back Symbian, which supports WP8 apps and Android apps like how Jolla designed Sailfish OS that could support Android apps! Symbian rising from the ashes like phoenix, sounds awe-inspiring and breath-taking right?

I recommend Nokia to develop devices with the latest hardware similar to the Sony Z1. Imagine a Nokia with 64 bit 3 GHZ Quad-Core that runs on the updated Symbian, 128 Gig of storage, supporting cross platform apps, having water proof peripherals and has 8.7MP Pelican camera sensor (4 x 4 array of Camera). Sounds groovy right? It is high time that MS and Nokia should stop the monotony and invest time in applications and on Research & Development.

I still didn’t forget the days when Nokia released the 6600, N-gage QD and the N-series. None dare to overthrow these models. It had limitations but people were happy with its technology. I still operate my Panasonic TV with 6600 but unfortunately we cannot do it with the present-day phones.

Nokia/MS can probably work on the late technology-Infrared (IR), phones with hardware QWERTY keypad and on N-gage apps (Something sumptuous & exclusive to Nokia). MS with Nokia can invest more on R&D and reward the developers for each of their creations. Also, Nokia and MS lack a Steve job for the quality product they produce. Hope Nokia or MS, market their products genuinely and in a unique way not teasing anyone!

Nokia should also work on ground-breaking technology like the Nokia 888 concept and Pelican imaging. I was shocked when I heard Nokia tested Android however I completely appreciate the heroic and daring attempt of Nokia for not aiming at Android.

I always want Nokia to remain unique and legendary as it is, always!