Nokia to Hold an Announcement 10/22 with Hashtag #Blazing #Stories #InnovationReinvented


nokia 8-22Nokia just shared on their Twitter account to save the date October 22, 2013 with Hashtags #Blazing #Stories #InnovationReinvented.

nokia 8-22 twit

What Announcement could this be? Could this be a Product Announcement?

If this is a Product Announcement Lets review the clues..

  • #blazing can mean a faster mobile device.
  • #stories hmmmnnn.. can mean a lot of things.
  • #InnovationReinvented can mean a new device that we’ve never seen Nokia made. When it comes to Nokia. Always expect the Unexpected.
  • The date.. 10/22 Could this device be called the 1022?

More clues to this leads me to the leaked Nokia device so called “Lumia 1520”

n 1520

What do you guys think is going to happen 10/22/2013? I guess were just going to have to wait and find out..

Chime in and let us know.