Nokia and Telefonica Launch 64GB Lumia 1020, Exclusive In UK to O2



Nokia and Telefonica have today launched the 64GB version of the Lumia 1020 at an event in London’s O2 Arena. Take a look at Nokia Conversation HERE for more details and pictures of the event.


As revealed by Nokia_uk in a tweet sent out on Monday The amazing Lumia 1020 is today officially on sale in the UK, and it would seem O2 have an exclusive on the 64GB varient.

We did report that the Microsoft online store had varified the existance of the larger memory 1020 back in July. O2 customers should be able to get it for £37 a month, with no charge for the device.

This is the second Nokia Lumia device to give a UK carrier a larger memory as an exclusive. The Lumia 925, which as standard comes with 16GB internal memory is available to Vodafone UK in 32GB.

This is a follow up to news that Clove UK had listed the unlocked version of the Lumia 1020, with the standard 32GB internal memory for £588, and the deal includes a host of accessories thrown in for free.