Nokia’s New Smaller, Cheaper Wireless Charging Pad and USB Charger Revealed


Nokia have today announced through their Nokia Conversations website two new Charging accessories. The DT-601 Wireless Charging Plate, which is smaller, slimmer and cheaper than the current version the DT-900, and the DC-19 Universal portable USB charger. Each come in a range of eye catching colours, which match Nokia’s colour range found on of Lumia devices.

DT-601 Charging Plate.

Nokia have made a considerable effort to get Wireless charging onto their smartphones. Devices like the Lumia 920 and 928 have it built in, while accessories in the form of replaceable cases and slip on covers bring it to the 925, 820 and 720.
The new DT-601 see’s Nokia make the technology, using the QI standard even more attractive, at only 6.5cm wide and less than a centimeter thick. Product manager Jaakko Huokkola describes it as looking like “a lollipop”. But what really makes it appealing is the price, €29.99, around half the price of Nokia’s larger DT-900 charging pad. It also comes with a 1.5 meter USB cable which can be plugged into any wall socket charger or computer.
It will soon be available in black, white, yellow, cyan and red.

DC-19 – Universal portable USB charger

As more smartphones now come with built in batteries, universal chargers which you charge up at home then plug into your device when the battery is running out have become a popular and extremely useful accessory.
The DC-19 is less than 10cm long and just over 25cm in circumference, but holds 3,200-mAh of power, which is enough to fully charge a completely drained Lumia 920 and E7. It will survive in standby for over 6 months and had LED battery indicators. The DC-19 comes in cyan, white and yellow, and as with the new charging plate, comes with matching colour USB cable. This essential extra will go on sale for €29.99.


The DT-601 Charging Plate will start going on sale this month in the Asia Pacific markets, with more countries to follow. The DC-19 Universal USB charger is also going on sale this month, apparently with a more universal roll out.

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