Nokia’s QI Standard for Wireless Charging Just Got a Big Boost



Right now there are two standards for wireless charging the QI standard which Nokia uses and one called PMA which is used by companies like Power Kiss and Duracell.  However the PMA standard requires an accessory (as of right now) to be attached to the device to charge it while QI is internal on the device.   As these two competing charging standards duke it out every endorsement counts and QI just got a huge endorsement from the Consumer Electronics for Automotive association.

The Consumer Electronics for Automotive association (CE4A) has decided to endorse the Qi Standard.  Which means that German carmakers like Audi, BMW, Daimler, Porsche, Volkswagen etc… will all be starting to place Qi charging mats into their vehicles.  GM and Toyota have also announced that they will be using the QI standard.  This means that the world’s top 3 car manufacturers all will shipping their units out with QI support.  While this doesn’t seem like much there are some big names in the mobile space that haven’t committed to either standard and this could have a great impact on which one they choose.

My guess is that this argument will not be settled until Apple finally get on board and “innovates and invents” wireless charging in fall of 2o14 with the iPhone 6.