Is this the Press Render of the Nokia Lumia 1520?


lumia1520According to the tipser evleaks above is press rendering for the upcoming Nokia Lumia 1520.  This device will Nokia’s and Windows Phone first shot in the fast growing Phablet market.  As you can see this device still says Nokia across the top despite the pending Microsoft buyout.  Also to be noted is the time in the upper right hand corner of this device which says “15:20” which is a classic Nokia trick to give away the name of the device. (or confirm it here)

Rumored specs the 1520:

  • 6 inch screen
  • 1080p resolution
  • 20mp camera
  • Quad core processor

Anyone out there going to skip out on the 41mp pure view on the 1020 for the extra screen real estate and quad core processor of the 1520?