Ex-Nokian to Make Android Running Newkia Devices


nokla phone

File this one under “so this just happened” it seems that Ex-Nokian Thomas Zilliacus, (was Nokia’s Asia-Pacific CEO for seven years) announced that is rounding up other ex-Nokian’s and starting a company call “Newkia”  based in Singapore with offices in Finland.  This company will claim to have  “Nokia know-how” in their Android running smartphone line up.

This is more serious than I first thought it seems that he tried but failed to buyout Nokia for lack of funds and he has had an investment company for while now called Mobile FutureWorks to fund this new mobile phone company. Mr Zilliacus had this to say about Newkia.

“What Newkia wants to do is to use Nokia know-how, technology, and design to build the world’s best smartphones, but running on Android.” and that Newkia will be  “new, exciting, and different”

Newkia expects to have it’s first product to market inside a year.  I don’t really know if I can take Newkia a seriously as I take Jolla it just feels like someone trying to take advantage of all displaced Nokia fans looking for a home with some not so serious hardware.  Is anyone out there all amp’d up about buying a Newkia device?