Is Microsoft Making the Windows Phone Situation Worse by Buying Nokia?



(To be noted this my personal take on the situation ONLY and 
not the opinion of Nokia Innovation)

While the dust has not settled and all the details are not out yet on the Microsoft buyout of Nokia’s mobile phone division I can’t help but think that this buyout will hurt Windows Phone’s cause more than help it.  I know it sounds crazy and it just may be however give me a few paragraphs to explain myself before you call me crazy.
First you have to know this, that there will be NO MORE Nokia Lumia smartphones according to the agreement.  See this excerpt from a Verge post on the matter:

Under the terms of Microsoft’s $7.2 billion acquisition of Nokia’s devices and services division, the “Asha” and “Lumia” trademarks will transfer to Redmond, but the “Nokia” mark will remain property of the Finnish company, and may only be used on featurephones running the basic Series 30 and Series 40 operating systems under a 10-year license agreement. (Nokia itself is barred from using the Nokia brand on any mobile devices at all until December 31st, 2015.) That means any future Windows Phones built by the newest division of Microsoft will be Microsoft-branded — and that Nokia has said its goodbyes to a smartphone market it once helped to create.

This unto itself will kill Windows Phone momentum as soon as Lumia devices become Mircosoft Lumias and not Nokia Lumia’s.  There are more than a few great Nokia sites around the world giving out great coverage for Windows Phone simply because Nokia made them….Now what happens to that free press?  While it’s still up in the air at most sites, my guess is that most of it simply goes away.  Microsoft simply doesn’t have base of brand loyal bloggers,  customers and community that Nokia currently enjoys.

In Europe where Windows Phones is growing the fastest it’s growing based heavily on old Nokia users coming back to their old trusted brand for handsets…Nokia.  (Not to mention the anti Microsoft backlash that’s sure to follow this buyout) Now Nokia is going away and so will this huge base of new Windows Phone users.  In the all important US Market this move plays off as Windows Phone was/is weak and Microsoft had to save Nokia it to keep it afloat.  This will make US consumers less not more likely to buy a Windows Phone device.

Plus now we have to assume HTC, Samsung, Huawei, LG, etc.. will stop making Windows Phone devices and the whole eco-system will be killed effective immediately.  There is already talk from HTC that “We are assessing the situation and have no comment at this time.”  Mobile phone giant Samsung has also taking the no comment at this time stand.  This not good for an upstart operating system not good at all.  Looks like Microsoft will now be going in it all alone here. 

Lastly let us be honest will any really be all jazzed up about showing their friends their new “Microsoft Phone” ?  Nope  Microsoft still has a huge image problem and until they get that fixed no one is going to brag or be a fanboy for their mobile products.

If you think I have this all wrong let me know in the comments or feel free to simply send me a tweet directly.  I would love to hear your thoughts on this situation.