Leaked Windows Phone 8 Home Screen With 1080p Support



The Twitter account known as @evleaks which in the past has leaked previously unseen devices including the Asha 501 and Lumia 1020 has tweeted a leaked screen shot of Windows Phone 8, and how it will look on larger displays with 1080p resolution.

As seen/suggested in the past, Windows Phone 8 will increase the number of Live Tiles from two medium sized tiles going horizontally to 3, or alternatively one large tile and one medium tile in a row on larger displays.

The leaked screen shot also reveals what appears to be a new application called Story Teller.

It is expected that larger “Phablet” style Windows Phone devices will be released soon, with Nokia supposedly working on a device which will be called a Lumia 1520 which will have a 6 inch screen with a resolution of 1080×1920. this has apparently been codenamed “Bandit” which you can see below.


Source; evleaks and The Verge