Is this a picture of the Rumored Nokia Lumia 1520?



Over at WP Central they have picture of what claims to be a picture of the the unreleased/unannounced Nokia Lumia 1520 sitting next to the Lumia 1020. (see picture above)  Naturally this picture came from an unconfirmed source and there is no way of proving if it’s true or not however….if you look REALLY closely at the bottom of the 1520’s screen you can see a small sticker that states which links to here if you put it into your browser.  Also to be noted it looks to be a Nokia Asha 505 in the upper right hand corner of this shot.

Really not a lot that we can learn from this picture it seems to line up with all the rumored specs (6-inch 1080p screen, quad core processor, and 20 MP camera.)  If this picture is true my doubts lie in the 6 inch screen rumor.  Below I have put a picture of my Lumia 1020 next to a Samsung Mega 6.3 and the Mega seems to dwarf the 1020 more than it should being that it should only be .3 inches bigger than the 1520.



Thoughts on this rumored device?  If it’s true I can not wait till they unveil this beast a month from now!