Nokia Lumia 520 Vs iPhone 4s



520vs 4s

The other day my buddy went into the local AT&T store looking for a new device and came out with an iPhone 4s when I asked him why he bought that device he told me “they are giving them away right now”.  I told him you get what you pay for and he told me it was an iPhone so it had to be the best.  Around the same time I found a Nokia Lumia 520 on Amazon for 80USD no contract and was quite impressed with it.  So I wanted to look at the specs and price of both to see which was truly the better deal….

                     Nokia Lumia 520     iPhone 4s

Price:                               99.99USD                             299.99USD

Weight:                                    124g                                   140g

Dimensions:           119.9 x 64 x 9.9 mm      115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3 mm

Display:                Color IPS 16M colors       Color IPS  16M colors

Screen Size:                4 inch, 480 x 800         3.5 inches, 640 x 960

Internal Storage:                       8Gb                                 16Gb

Expandable Memory:    Up to 64Gb                               None

3g Speeds:           Up to 21.1 Mbps Down      Up to 14.4 Mbps Down

Camera:                                     5mp                                    8mp

Front Camera :                         none                               0.3 mp

Processor:                  1 GHz, Dual Core                   1 GHz, Dual Core

RAM:                                      512Mb                                  512Mb

Battery:                               1430Mah                               1432Mah

Talk Time:         880 mins, 580 mins on 3G       840 mins, 480 mins on 3G


Final Tally:

The iPhone has 8 more gigs of internal storage than the Lumia 520 but no expandable memory.  Total storage possibility for the Lumia 72gb for the iPhone 16gb.  The Nokia Lumia 520 has a 14% larger screen but still weighs 11% lighter and supports the same 16 million colors as the iPhone.  However the iPhones ppi is much higher at 326ppi vs the Lumia’s 235ppi however the higher resolution comes at a price of battery consumption with the Lumia getting 20% more talk time on 3G.  Camera belongs to the iPhone with not only it’s 8mp camera vs the 5mp but the Lumia has no front facing camera while the iPhone has a VGA 0.3mp front facer.  Processor, RAM and Battery are all the same.

The clear winner here is the Lumia 520 unless you need a front facing camera the Lumia has a larger screen, more memory, it weighs less, it’s 3g speeds are 150% faster, the battery last longer and it’s 200USD less?  There is no reason to pick up an iPhone 4s unless of course you are simply buying logo but than facts will not sway you anyway.