Coloud Boom for Nokia (WH-530) cyan



Last Saturday I received a package from Finland in the mailbox that contained the recently announced Coloud Boom for Nokia (WH-530)  headsets.  Coloud Boom along with Coloud Knock and Coloud Pop are part of a Coloud for Nokia (Swedish & Finnish design) line which are quite affordable and stylish.  They come in the familiar Lumia colors (Yellow, Red and Cyan).


I have been using the Boom for a few days now and have replaced my Nokia Essence BT headset and my yellow purity in ear.  I really like the design of the speakers, they sit comfortably on your ear and because of the design, it reduces some of the surrounding noise.  The Boom doesn’t have active noise canceling.  You can use the headset for listen to audio or have a phone conversation with the mic.

The Boom is corded and it has attachment (Zound Lasso) in the end to store your cord. With the one  click on the remote you can pause, pick up or hang up a call with just one click.  Two clicks fast forward to the next track and three click allows you to go back.
The Boom is compatible with Lumia Windows Phone devices, Asha (with AHJ jack), iOS OS.

I would like to thank Dean from Nokia Music for sending out the wonderful & colorful headset. I hope the Coloud for Nokia series will be available throughout the US retailers soon.

Let us know if you are planning to pick one up?