Windows Phone / MTV Present VMA PreConcert



I was invited to a Windows Phone / MTV VMA PreConcert Event yesterday courtesy of NokiaUS. It was held at the Williamsburg Music Hall in Brooklyn about 15 minutes away from where I live. There was a pretty big line outside the Music hall right before the event started. The doors opened at 8 o’clock sharp and we were greeted at the door an were handed a flyer with a chance to win a Lumia 1020 & as you can see I had no such luck.

The event was pretty crowded we were lucky enough top be in the mezzanine area which was VIP only, there was definitely a WindowsPhone/ Nokia Lumia presence as you will see in the pictures posted below.

Two artist were performing that night TimeFlies & Jason Derulo, TimeFlies came on a little after 9 & that was the only act I was able to see, we left before Jason Derulo came on.

TimeFlies Highlighted the Nokia Lumia 1020 while  performing I managed to get a pic of him holding it (Thank God for the Lumia 1020 Zoom). I also managed a video of TimeFlies using a Nokia Lumia 1020 to record the crowd. Just a word of warning I was fully zoomed and on the second floor of the building getting bumped around by the crowd so video quality isn’t the greatest.

@nokiaus #timeflies #yellow1020 #reinvented @jjklee


Devices were given out to a few people representing the press to take pictures of the event and to test the device. They really wanted them to put the camera to the test & from the chatter I heard they were pretty impressed.


I had a great time at the event & I am glad That Microsoft & Nokia are pushing this product. Once again I just want to give a big thank you to NokiaUs for the invite, please enjoy some of the pictures I took from the event below.