Reuters: Nokia To Introduce A Phablet Next Month.

Nokia Bandit Phablet device?
This leaked photo, which has been around for quite some time now, may show us what the phablet device, codename “Bandit”, may look like.

Reuters is saying Nokia will introduce a phablet during a Sept. event possibly between the dates of 26th & 27th in NYC. It is set to release a larger screened phone as well as a rumored tablet.

(Reuters) – Nokia plans to unveil new, large-screen mobile handsets next month to revamp its Lumia smartphone lineup and challenge rival Samsung’s dominance in increasingly popular phablet devices, sources said.

 has posted the specs of the unreleased phablet.

Windows Phone Central can now confirm a few things about this story. The phablet will be a 6 inch, 1080p, quad core device with gdr3 and a 20MP camera. It will be reportedly very thin with a slight camera hump akin to the Lumia 925. The tablet, a separate device, will be RT based.

Nokia seems to be pumping out a lot of products lately which is great , I am just hoping that it’s not to much to soon , it seems there is not enough time to enjoy the products that were just released.
Source: Reuters Via: WPC