New Nokia Lumia 1020 Ad #ReinventedZoom “Nothing Else Comes Close”



Microsoft is at it again with a new Nokia Lumia 1020 Ad, this ad continues in the same fashion as  the competition bashing ad we saw with the Lumia 920 , with “Switch to Lumia 920” as the tag line.

This New Nokia 1020 Ad is very funny & I have to say pretty much on point having the 1020 myself, it takes place in a auditorium  during a school play or recital, and the parents are all taking shots with their camera phones but realize that some shots are just to far away and when zoomed in the clarity just isn’t there. when they realize this they all start fighting to get closer. In the end there is a couple left sitting in the back & they have no need to try and get closer because they have the Nokia Lumia 1020, showing off its Zooming capabilities.

Check out the ad below and tell us what you think, I personally love it.

This is the 920 ad

Source: WindowsPhone