Nokia Lumia 620 Only $99.99 on AT&T’s AIO PrePaid



AT&T is test running a new pre paid service called AIO in few markets right now and one of the devices they sell is the Nokia Lumia 620.  For whatever reason they just did a huge price cut on this device down to $99.99 from $179.99!  This is an AT&T device and it’s not quite clear if it will work with regular AT&T service yet.  However this new price cut makes the 620 as affordable as the 520.  Don’t live in an area where AIO service available? There still is a chance to get this deal…

According to the comments on the original post on WPCentral a gentleman by the name of Hazim “store manager at aio wireless” states:

“My store is currently offering to ship phones with Sims if you would like to take advantage of the 99.99 offer for the Lumia 620. We unlock our phones after at least 4 months of service. If you are interested in ordering a Lumia 620 we can also port your number….cheapest plan for the lumia 620 is 55.00 a month for unlimited talk text and data. your first 2 gb will be at 4g LTE speeds and then you will be throttled to unlimited 3g.”

There was a number given which back tracks to a Zigg Wireless in Tampa FL and they are a legit AIO Wireless dealer.  I have contacted the store manager Hazim and he has verified with me that they will ship the Lumia 620 to the US mainland.  You will have to pay the $99.99 for the device, $25 for activation, and the first months service which is $55 plus shipping.  This means for about the original price of the 620 ($179.99) you can get the device and one month of unlimited service.  The number to the store is (813) 882-4949 if you need further info.   To be noted here I am NOT getting any kick back from this store I am simply providing helpful info to you the reader.

If anyone contacts the store and orders a 620 let us know how it works out for you.  While I did my best to verify the information given I claim no responsibility if the information given turns out to be erroneous. However if you are taken care of right I also want to let everyone know so others can get in on the deal.  You can either let us know in the comments or by sending me a tweet directly.