DerreLeaks: More Nokia Windows tablet goodies


It seems like it was just yesterday when more rumors started to swirl over Nokia’s upcoming tablet design and specs… Oh, wait. It was yesterday!

Red Nokia Tablet

These photos shown above show what is allegedly a red Nokia Windows RT tablet for Verizon. Up until now, I’ve only heard of Nokia testing for an AT&T release, but honestly the more carriers at initial launch, the better. And Verizon is the largest carrier in the US, which definitely wouldn’t hurt tablet sales. It’s also been reported that Nokia has a cyan colored tablet which would, in fact, be launched for AT&T. Makes me wonder if Sprint gets yellow and T-Mobile gets Magenta or something.

Now, the device shown is an RT device, but the possibility of a Windows 8 Pro is still not out of the question. It had been reported a while back that Nokia scrapped any plans for RT (and we don’t blame them), so they probably have been testing both. And with the popularity of the Win8, Nokia would be wise to adopt that as well. Guess we’ll have to wait until next month to see, since that’s when Nokia’s slated to launch the tablet(s).

Source: Digi-wo via Microsoft News