Nokia Lumia Amber update rolling out today!


Nokia Conversations just announced today that the Nokia Lumia Amber update has begun rolling out to devices as of today!
Lumia Amber update

Along with the update, Nokia has finally released Pro Camera, Video Trimmer, and Video Upload, along with Smart Camera for the devices that couldn’t get it before. As I write this, I’m updating my Lumia 810.

Lumia 810 Amber update
My Lumia 810 downloading the Amber Update. This was taken on the Lumia 925 with the newly released Pro Camera app.

I immediately ran (figuratively) to the store to get the 3 apps (Smart Camera was already included). I’m already excited to get snapping with the Pro Cam app, which was exclusively on the Lumia 1020 until now. Check out MyNokiaBlog’s  Lumia 925 Pro Cam demo by Michael Faro-Tusino.

As I update my Lumia 810, I come across a post from WPCentral stating that both the Lumia 810 and Lumia 521 are indeed receiving GDR2 as well, giving them a host of features like FM Radio and a fix for the Other Storage issue. I’m extremely happy about that, especially after my rant on MyNokiaBlog about how fed up I was with Nokia and T-MobileUS’ lack of support for the now discontinued Lumia 810. Also, my Lumia’s storage was quickly dwindling to nothing, so I am hoping for some improvement.

The updates also include Flip-to-Silence, Glance Screen, Double-Tap to unlock, Storage Check, and faster HERE Maps updates.

Lumia Amber

  • Improved image processing
  • Availability of Nokia Smart Cam, ProCam, Video Trimmer, Video Upload
  • Glance Screen
  • Flip-to-Scilence
  • Double-tap to Wake
  • Storage Check
  • More efficient HERE Maps updates
  • Lumia Color Profile



  • Bug fixes, including Other Storage issue
  • FM Radio
  • Improvements to XBox Music
  • Enhanced HTML5 support for Internet Explorer
  • Data Sense
  • VoIP enhancements for apps like Skype
  • Support for call/SMS filtering
  • IMAP, CardDAV, CalDAV

Note: Lumia 928 devices also receive Group Text capabilities, but do not get FM Radio



You can follow this video to get the latest updates for your phone:

Source: Nokia Conversations, WPCentral