Lumia Vs iPhone Sales – Just For Fun


The first post I ever did for Nokia Innovation took a look at how Nokia Lumia sales compared to the iPhone in its comparative quarter. For example; iPhone sales in the 3rd quarter of 2007 (it first full quarter) against Lumia sales in q4 2011 (first quarter of Lumia availability). Make sense?
That first post of mine was done on the day Nokia released their numbers for q1 2013 and as they have just released their q2 2013 results I thought I’d revise the graph. But first, let’s remember how things looked back then. It was the 6th quarter, and iPhone sales had gone ahead of Lumia’s for the first time, the iPhone with 6.9 million devices sold (in q3 2008) against 5.6 million Lumia’s (q1 2013) but over all, in both smartphones first six quarters more Lumia devices had been sold, 13 million iPhone’s compared to 19.8 million Lumia’s. Well with the next quarter added, here is the graph:


As you can see, iPhone sales dropped to 4.4 million in q4 2008 compared to Lumia sales which rose to 7.4 million. Over all it means 27.2 million Lumia’s have been sold in 21 months against 17.4 million iPhone’s in the same amount of time.
As a reference point, back in q4 2008 the iPhone 3G was the flagship Apple Phone, which had been released in June 2008.

One big factor for the reader to be aware of is that the above has so many factors to consider, such as buying habits back in 2007/08, the cost of devices, countries of availability and so on that it is only really a relevant as a matter of interest. It is a testimony to how successful the iPhone has been that I make a comparison in the first place.

The source for iPhone sales numbers comes from HERE Nokia Lumia sales figures come from HERE