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Nokia Offering Trade In Towards New Lumia


Nokia are offering customers in the USA the chance to trade in their old mobile phones for up to $300 towards a new Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 device.

Nokia have put up THIS SITE which lets you put in the brand/model of the device you want to trade in. From there you are asked a few questions such as “Is your device fully functional?” and “is the device water damaged” also a drop down box in order to put in your Wireless Service Provider. From there you are given a price which you can claim in exchange for the device, the trade in amount will be sent to you on a prepaid Visa card issued by MetaBank which can only be redeemed against a new Nokia Lumia.

I put in a couple of models to see what sort of value would be offered. An iPhone 3G in working order on T-Mobile was worth $20. A Lumia 710 in same condition on AT&T received an offer of $59.


I think this is a good way to encourage people to recycle their old handsets as well as help people save money on a Lumia device in the process. Well done Nokia. I think there efforts at being a “Green” company is commendable.