Get Ready For Vixl Video Filtering App



Hey guys I want to introduce to you Vixl a new app in the making for WP. What is Vixl you say, well let me answer Vixl seems like an awesome application that allows you to put filters on your video, some filters to mention are 8mm, B&W, Lomo, and many more to come. Social sharing will be supported for Facebook, YouTube and Flickr. And you will be able to record up to 20 sec videos. Keep an eye out for Vixl in the coming weeks you can follow @TapPixl for latest updates and release times.

These are the same guys that created the Pixl application which you can download HERE. Pixl is Flickr simplified, you can easily view your flickr photos on your smartphone so download it and give it a go , its free. Let’s show these guys some support & to be honest I can’t wait to try the app out myself.